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Tips on Site Traffic

Practical Advice

If your going to use some method advertised to build site traffic, investigate who the viewers are you'll be hitting.

Really what is the point of increasing your traffic,
if the viewer isn't intrested
in your content.

New Traffic Building Ideas

What are Meta Tags?
They are code in your HTML that is invisible to the guests of your web site but are read by some web spiders and search engines.
Get One Here:
Test your Tag Free:

Build traffic to your site!

As for my advice....

1.  Keep your site simple. If your site can not be navigated easily, the viewer will not return!

2.  Register with the search engines, this might take 2-3 months to kick in! Make sure a site description, with key words are on your home/index page to ensure the key points get into your site description on these engines, when listed!

3.  Put your counter on your index/sitemap page. This will give you a much more accurate number, as many viewers will bookmark this page and not your home page, if they are seperated.

4.  Join many voting lists....ones that provide traffic to you! OR...make your own list and invite people to yours. It takes time to vote everyday, but the idea is to keep on the lists.

5.  Leave invitations to your site in guestbooks of high traffic (same interest) sites.

6.  Join some busy same interest get your name/site out!

7.  Join same interest and high traffic webrings and/or site fight groups

8.  Get your banners/links on other high traffic sites, create a exchange program on your site!

9.  Regularly update your site. Mention what's new!

10.  Get something to call your's: a contest....feature of the month....hidden award.  The idea is to have something drawing them into your site....Once they are there...the content will keep them returning! :-)

Be patient....It will take some time!
But once your established, watch your counter spring into action!